Women Entrepreneurs in Climate Showcase

Climate Collective has been striving to support more women in business through our programs. Be it in clean energy solutions, sustainable consumption or finding alternatives to plastic, women are leading the way. Come see some of the amazing green businesses led by women being showcased.

Cydee Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

We at Cydee Technologies Pvt Ltd are aimed at making developing countries safer. Nobody deserves to feel unsafe! We aim at achieving this with our novel lighting concepts. With our quick analysis and design methodology, we optimise illumination as per international standards.
Our Unique Patented Lighting concept can help in 30% Energy and 40% Monetary savings.
Our Anti-theft solar street light system with semi-smart features like auto-switching, dimming, proximity sensing to Save Energy.
IoT Integration for making localities safer, Acquiring & Analysing Real-time data to tag safety % of every road.
Our Light Subscription Model gives organisations the option to pay per sq. ft. of quality illumination as per international standards.

Contact details:
Monika Jha

Revy Environmental Solutions

REVY Environmental Solutions has answers to all that take place in every step of the waste management and has proven competency in transforming waste into re-usable resources. Waste treatment and bio-methane production through Anaerobic Digestion (AD) process is our core area of expertise. We do provide Bio-cultures to enhance aeration unit of ETPs for Industrial Waste containing High Phenol and High TDS. Treatability Studies on waste water from Dairy, Vegetable market waste, Kitchen waste, also on most complex Paper mills, Pharmaceutical, Fertilizer, Dye and Dye Intermediates, Distilleries and Petrochemicals industries adopting pre-treatment, advanced anaerobic treatment, aerobic and tertiary treatment methods.

Contact details:
Vanita Prasad


Vapasee collects discarded materials and scraps from houses and converts them into usable home decor and utility

The founder Renjini Thampi an extremely talented and enthusiastic woman, speaks about her experience in #ClimateReady for Women- A Entrepreneurship development program for women founders in climate and cleantech, and how the program helped her develop a sustainable business model.

Founder : Rengini Thampi
Email ID: renjinithampi00@gmail.com


Ecoplore is an aggregator platform for eco-friendly hotels. Those hotels that have at least 33% green area and are made of non-concrete building materials such as mud, stone, wood or any locally available material.

Ecoplore has received 2019 Gold Award from Outlook Responsible Tourism. Recently, United Nations Environment Programme featured it on their platform.


Contact details:
Prerna Prasad


W2W Startup basically focuses on making sanitary napkins from paddy straw, an agricultural waste product. This will tackle both environmental problems and health problems.

Founder : Sumita Panjwani
Email ID: panjwani.sumita551@gmail.com

Saukhyam Pads

Saukhyam  Reusable Pads are into manufacturing reusable menstrual pads from the banana fiber in replacement of Cellulose fiber.

Founder: Anju Bist
Email ID: ammasanju@gmail.com

Tropical Greenovation Cluster

Tropical Greenovation Cluster supports practicing architects and engineers to evaluate their designs and technologies quantitatively and qualitatively to adopt greener solutions with respect to sustainable standards.

Founder: Ashiqua Sulthana
Email ID: ashiqua@greenovationcluster.com

Sanshodhan E Waste Exchange

Sanshodhan: An E-Waste Exchange (EWX) innovated tech platform to connect brands with authorized recyclers, with the aim to enable user (businesses/ cities) to map their waste footprint and for data-backed decision making, to boost climate-friendly development.

Founder: Dr. Shalini Sharma
Email ID: ewasteexchange@gmail.com


We at CoolKarzs make thermal shields that can keep cars cool under the sun. We aim to provide comfort to passengers in tropical climates and ensure safety in transportation. Our Unique patented technology shield can help keep cars cool under the sun by preventing trapping of heat and save 40% of fuel consumption cost .It can save 1 ton of CO2 per car per year, making mobility cleaner.

Founder: Bhavana Komaraju
Email ID: winnersbysree@gmail.com

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