Mar 18 2023


11:00 am

Climate Tech Masterclass for Retail Investor

The Masterclass in Climate Tech Investing for Retail Investors is hosted by Climate Collective Foundation, where Nalin Agarwal, Founding Partner at Climate Seeds Fund, and Pratap Raju, Founding Partner at Climate Collective, will share their insights on the sector. This Masterclass is designed to inform retail investors of the opportunities in the Climate Tech space, in the lead up to the launch of the Climate Seeders Club, an equity crowdfunding platform where Retail Investors can invest in early-stage Climate Tech startups.
Possible tweaks to our usual Masterclass:
1. If we plan this at the end of the CSW – there might be a few people wanting an online RI investor meet-up (after seeing all our posts about offline events in Del, Blr, Bom and Hyd) and this session could just be a GatherTown mixer for any investor who would like to meet co-investors online. We have so many people from abroad in the Seeders WA group.
2. Angel Investing Masterclass