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Climate Startup Week


Climate Tech Startup Ecosystem Event
across the Global South

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Collaboration = Solutions

and we see ecosystem events as a powerful tool to make this happen.


Climate Startup Week

Climate Startup Week is Climate Collective’s flagship community event that bring together entrepreneurs, development organizations, corporate innovation networks, investors, mentors, and support organizations in the Climate Tech space.

These sessions help the startup ecosystem, leverage
powerful opportunities and build useful connections while getting a solid expertise from domain experts.

Behind The Success

We are deeply humbled by the pivotal and unwavering support of these incredible organisations

Past Speakers

Jagdish B

Head Netzero & Partnerships, CWC

Prasanto K Roy

India Hydrogen, Alliance Secretariat

Rajan Anandan

Managing Director, Peak XV

Suruchi Rao

CEO and Co-founder, Ossus Biorenewables

Rochan Sinha

Co-Founder & CTO, NewTrace

Steering the Ecosystem

What does Climate Startup Week offer?

No matter your roles in the ecosystem, we have sessions conducted by the best speakers and which are aligned with your interests. We are proud to serve as a purpose-driven collaborative ecosystem platform that helps stakeholders to


Our sessions are also designed and conducted to support India’s Climate Tech solution landscape in several ways and help small budding startups build networks and leverage opportunities.

So what are you waiting for?

Come and be a part of purpose-driven ecosystem orchestration

We invite you to explore prospects of collaboration with us and amplify your footprint in the Climate Tech ecosystem


Meet our core team


Climate Collective

Climate Collective Foundation (CCF) is an India-based non-profit, focused on empowering entrepreneurs focused on climate change and circular economy throughout the Global South. Its goal is to build and strengthen local climate startup ecosystems by bridging the gap between the development and private sectors.