Climate Startup Week 2024

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Climate Startup Week - 2024

April Edition

Navigating the Climate Capital Stack

The Climate Accelerator: Pre-Application Webinar

Low-emissions Hydrogen: A global outlook on technologies and market potential

Climate Drinks, Indore

Climate Drinks, Guwahati

VC - Startup Open Hours with Ankur Capital

IIT Madras's Ideas to Impact Challenge Session

Masterclass on Legal Compliance for Climate Tech Startups

Green Hydrogen: Hype, Hope, or Opportunity?

Climate Drinks, Jaipur

Climate Drinks, Kochi

Climate Drinks, Kolkata

Hiring for your Climate Tech startup: Attracting and Retaining Talent

Landscape of Climate Tech Startup Ecosystem in UAE

Navigating the Carbon Market: Trends and Transformations

Carbon Dating for Startups and Investors

Climate Drinks, Delhi

VC - Startup Open Hours with 3one4 Capital

Roundtable on the need for Climate Entrepreneurship Courses as part of University Curricula

Extracting Solid Wealth from Waste: The Startup Way

Navigating the B2B Go-to-Market Strategy and Challenges for Climate Tech Startups

Webinar: Carbon Markets 101

Climate Drinks, Mumbai

Climate Drinks, Ahmedabad/GIFT City

Ideation workshop for aspiring entrepreneurs

Fireside chat on Supply Chain Management in Food Systems startups

Energy for Livelihoods: Putting people living in poverty at the centre of the clean energy transition

Can the Silicon City of India save its water with the help of Tech?

Startup Opportunities in India's Green Hydrogen Ecosystem

Climate Drinks, Chennai

Impact Measurement: A Roadmap for Climate Tech Businesses

Need for Innovation in Grid infrastructure to support the growing EV Ecosystem in India

Hacking Digital Marketing With New Age AI Tools

Climate Drinks, Hyderabad

Climate Drinks, Kashmir

Climate Drinks, Bangalore